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Our Vision:

To create a better life for every animal.

Our Mission:

By collaborating and innovating with a community of animal lovers we will:

  • Better understand our customers’ needs and strive to exceed them
  • Provide industry leading insurance and first-class pet care
  • Contribute our time, expertise and financial support to help charities make a positive impact in animal welfare.

Our Values

We are courageous

We are courageous

We do something that challenges us and takes us out of our comfort zone.

We are passionate

We are passionate

We embrace adventure in the pursuit of excellence in all we do.

We are kindhearted

We are kind-hearted

We hope to inspire others by doing the right thing and treating others with respect.

About Animal Friends

The company

Animal Friends Pet Insurance was founded by Elaine Fairfax in 1998 with the sole aim of providing pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities. Elaine had worked closely with many animal welfare charities throughout her life but she wanted to do even more to help animals. Thus, she decided to use her business skills to raise substantial funds through something people need; pet insurance

Since its inception Animal Friends Pet Insurance has grown to become not only an award-winning business but one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK (Datamonitor 2013). Currently in our 20th year, we look after over 800,000 pets and offer cover for cats, dogs and horses (including rider insurance) with a range of different policies available.

Animal welfare

Our business is built upon the foundation and core of our ethos; by providing a range of pet insurance policies we are able to donate and support over 500 across the UK and worldwide, meaning that the total amount of money we have donated to date is: Over 5.6 Million. 

Dedication and excellence

Here at Animal Friends Pet Insurance we are committed to providing the best pet insurance service we can and as a result we have received many accolades recognising such a service:

  • Best Pet Insurance 2018/19 – Personal Finance Awards
  • Best Pet Insurance 2017/18 – Personal Finance Awards
  • Pet Insurance Provider of the Year 2016 & 2017 – MoneyFacts Consumer Awards
  • Best Claims Service 2015 & 2017 – MoneyFacts Consumer Awards
  • 5-star MoneyFacts rating for our Prestige pet insurance policy for 2017 & 2018

Animal Friends has been built from my genuine desire to use business to help animal charities. Animal Friends has bred a fantastic team spirit and a unique workplace atmosphere that every visitor remarks on. For the business it means an exceptional level of dedication and care by the staff which runs through each and every department.

— Elaine Fairfax, Founder