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4 Ways Pet Insurance Helps Animal Welfare

4 Ways Pet Insurance Helps Animal Welfare

On Tuesday the Scottish Parliament discussed whether or not pet insurance should be a mandatory measure for owners. The petitioners asserted that by making it mandatory for pet owners to have insurance, pet welfare would improve as a result. We take a look at how having pet insurance benefits animals.

  1. Helping with vet bills when your pet needs attention

This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s still important. Many pets go without medical attention because owners can’t afford the rising cost of veterinary treatment. In some cases, owners have to make the heartbreaking decision to have their pet put to sleep because they can’t pay for the treatment they need. By taking out comprehensive pet insurance you can ensure that choices about your pet’s health don’t have to be based on your bank balance. What’s more, many people don’t realise that it’s not just cruel to leave your pets illnesses and injuries untreated, it’s actually illegal.

  1. Reduction in pet abandonment

Despite it being illegal to abandon pets it happens every day. A contributing factor is the unexpected costs of ownership, and vet bills are certainly part of this. Often pets are abandoned or relinquished to shelters because they are ill or injured and the owners are unable or unwilling to cover the cost of treatment. Pet insurance can help cover these costs, so owners aren’t forced to such desperate measures.

  1. Less strain on animal charities

Animal charities around the world work incredibly hard to take in and care for animals of all kinds. Pet charities naturally care for pet animals of all shapes and sizes and breeds, depending on their preference. Charities like the Blue Cross help out by covering costs for veterinary treatment when owners can’t, and as mentioned above, these charities are often called upon to take in pets who have been abandoned due to the cost of their treatment. If these pets had insurance cover instead, the charities could devote their time, money and shelter space to more animals with other needs.

  1. Better care of our pets

This point is last but it is probably the most important one. In far too many cases owners are unable to afford treatment when their pet is ill or injured and so they simply don’t take their pet to the vet at all. This can lead to ongoing suffering or worse. With the average vet visit costing around £300 this is why pet insurance is so important. Owners should never have to choose between a healthy bank balance and a healthy pet, especially as it’s so often the pets who come off worse.

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