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Rainy Days

Rainy Days 2

Summer isn’t all sunshine and days at the seaside, we do occasionally (maybe mostly) have some rainy days. So, some adventures are delayed, waiting for a perfect day. Or, maybe you’re tired from all of the adventures you’ve already had, so a sofa day is needed. Whichever it is, we have some indoor activities to do with your furry family members!


You could start with a simple game of hide-and-seek, and this could include the whole family, dogs included. Dogs love to play the seeker and will come running when they’re called. Here are some good hiding spots: behind doors, under beds, under blankets, and in the bath. Once they’re a Master Seeker you could move on to make an indoor obstacle course.

For this, you could use everyday household items. You could have them weave between their favourite toys, jump over dining chairs that have been pressed together, or crawl under the coffee table. You might have to show them what to do at first, so this is best done in some comfy pyjamas.

Henry not liking the rainy days


Another fun game is hiding their favourite treats. You might do this when you’re off to work for a day, but it’s even better when you’re at home to watch them. You could hide treats in cardboard boxes and dot them around the room. Your dog will have to actively look in each one individually before finding a tasty treat in one. If that’s too easy you could flip the boxes upside down and start the timer. Otherwise, you can hide them anywhere and send them on a sniff-and-search around the house.

Or, simply play with some interactive dog toys. Freezing them will make them last even longer, and also help keep your pet cool in the humidity. Last but not least, you could teach some new tricks to your dog.

Castles fit for a cat

With some cats, it’s down to whether or not they want to play with you, instead of you wanting to play with them. They might be comfortable on the sofa or happy enough to adventure outside and will make their way home for dinner. If they are up for some fun and games here are a few ideas for those gloomy days.

Fizz the cat grumpy by the window

Cardboard forts, castles, dens and houses are great! It will entertain you for hours while you’re building it, and entertain your cat as it explores and discovers its new hideout. You can keep it as simple. Your cat will love it, regardless. If they’re a bit unsure at first, don’t force them into it as it could be quite daunting. Simply sprinkle some catnip or scatter some toys and let them venture inside when it wants to. Kids can join in on the fun, too, and can help decorate.

Cat tennis

Another easy game is cat tennis. All you’ll need to do is clear the kitchen floor of any bowls and let some ping pong balls loose. Your cat won’t know where to swat as the balls bounce, so it will help improve their agility while having fun.

We even have a few Pawfect videos on how to have a go at making your own toys, these would keep everyone occupied on those rainy days. Why not check them out here.

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