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Family activities with dogs

Family activities with dogs

Keeping the kids busy during the summer holidays can be a real challenge, and when there’s a dog added into the mix finding something to entertain everyone is even harder. Here are just some ideas on things to do, with something for any day, rain or shine.

Enjoy a picnic

A picnic can be enjoyed whatever the weather, from enjoying some finger foods in the glorious sunshine if it’s nice or a platter of food in the living room if it’s pouring down. There are loads of fun games that can be played alongside a picnic too, from fetch in the park to a simple game hide and seek in the house.

Find a dog show

It’s summer, meaning that there’ll be plenty of fetes, fairs and shows over the next few weeks so why not enter a dog competition?

Will your dog be crowned the Handsomest Hound, or do they have the Waggiest Tail? Most shows hold a child-friendly competition, giving the entire family a chance to win a rosette or two.

New tricks

Why not get your kids involved with teaching your dog a new trick? This can take hours, if not days, and there’s such a sense of achievement to be had once they do it successfully.

There are loads of tutorial videos on YouTube showing you how to teach your best friend new skills – you might need to help with some of it, and they might need some encouragement but it’s all worth it in the end.

Hide and seek

Who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek? Your dog will need to be good at sitting and staying unless there’s someone to hold the dog while everyone hides. Then, simply call for your dog and see who will be crowned the ultimate hide and seek champion.

Have a play date

Do you have a school run friend who will also have a bored child and energetic pup, or your neighbour might be surrounded by children and pooches that need entertaining, too? Why not arrange a play date so that dogs and kids get to burn off any excess energy?

Get outside

We forget how much kids love the outdoors, nothing quite beats it. Plan a trip to the beach or a walk in the woods where everyone can let off some steam and enjoy each other’s company. They do say the best things in life are free.

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