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Five Things to Do with Your Dog This Weekend

Five Things to Do with Your Dog This Weekend 2
Sport Relief

It’s Sport Relief! It starts on the 17th and runs until the 23rd of March. You could be getting involved through work, your school, or even through a gym. If you’re taking part in the Nation’s Billion Steps Challenge it might be a good idea to get your dog involved. You could squeeze an extra 10 minutes to that daily dog walk or play around the garden. You’ll contribute to the daily target in no time at all.

Five Things to Do with Your Dog This Weekend 1

Watch the rugby

Ireland have already secured the Six Nations title but still have one more team in the way of the Grand Slam. England! On St. Patrick’s Day. In Twickenham. It’s definitely going to be an exciting game on Saturday. So, whether you’re watching the game from the comfort of your sofa, or you’re heading down the pub with some friends, your dog can be a part of the action.

They might already be a big fan of watching the ball get kicked or thrown around the field, or it might be their first time watching. Either way, they’ll love being involved.

Music madness

Whether you’re a Bluetooth speaker lover, a vinyl enthusiast, or prefer a classic CD, listening to some music is good for the soul. Take some time to relax with your pooch on the floor of your living room and savour the tunes.

Celebrate science

It’s British Science Week and you might have a few games or experiments planned with the kids. Thanks to science being so broad a subject you can always find something fun for the whole family to get involved in, paws and all. From decorating plant pots ready to plant some seeds to watch them grow over the summer, to testing objects that float or sink in a paddling pool, there’s plenty of dog-friendly experiments to try.

Movie marathon

With even more snow apparently heading our way you could hold a mini movie marathon. Just grab your family’s favourite films and some snacks for everyone, including the drooling dogs, get comfy and get watching. A cosy marathon is perfect after a walk in the cold.

Five Things to Do with Your Dog This Weekend


It looks like you have a busy weekend ahead of you, don’t forget to squeeze in some time to photograph your pet enjoying the Great Out-Paws and share it with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. It could end up winning you a GoPro Bundle! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #theGreatOutPaws and join in.

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