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Livestock Worrying and Keeping Safe in #theGreatOutPaws

Livestock Worrying and Taking Extra Precautions 1

It’s finally Spring so you might find yourself going on longer walks and making the most of lighter evenings. This might mean following public footpaths through a field being used by livestock, especially as it’s now lambing season and they’ll be running around and enjoying their first few months.

Livestock worrying

We all know about Fenton and his antics, and though we might have laughed for a good 50 seconds, livestock worrying is still a big issue. Chasing farm animals or wildlife can have some serious consequence but there a few things to bear in mind as you head out of the door.

Taking Precautions

If you’re walking along a public footpath that you’re familiar with, be aware that livestock might have been moved there since your last walk

Keep an eye out for any signage that might prompt you to put your dog back on the lead

A spaniel enjoying being walked on the lead

Make sure to pick up your dog’s mess and take it home with you to dispose of it properly as parasites found in some dog faeces can have disastrous effects on livestock

Make sure you know where your dog is at all times

If you’re letting your dog off the lead, be sure they will come to you when it’s called. Recall is key when it comes to livestock. If there’s any doubt, just keep your dog on its lead

If you spot some livestock while out on your walk you can always move into the next field, or use an alternative route. You never know, you could find a new favourite walk while taking a detour?


You can enjoy your daily walks in the countryside even with taking a few precautions but keeping you, your dog, and other animals safe is so important. Protect your pet in #theGreatOutPaws with an Animal Friends policy today.

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