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Product Review: Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution

Product Review: Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution 10

Here at Animal Friends, many of us are pet owners ourselves, so when we were kindly sent the Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution we were keen to set it to work in a genuine pet-owning home. We really put this machine through its paces by trialling it in AFI employee, Ben’s house, as Ben is a proud Newfoundland owner! We scored it for multiple factors out of 5 to let you know how it went.


Pet Score:


What did Ben’s dogs make of it? Well, while the Bissell was in use they weren’t overly keen on the noise, but it didn’t seem to bother them any more or less than their regular vacuum cleaner. Using the machine doesn’t present any hazards to pets in the house, but it’s never ideal to use a product that causes anxiety in our animals.

Ease of use:


Set up and operation were both “super easy”, though Ben did note that it was a little on the bulky side, so while he had no issue with moving it around it may be trickier for someone with limited mobility.



Not to cast aspersions on the cleanliness of Ben’s house prior to usage of this product, but Ben was delighted with the results, claiming that his rug appeared “like new”! It is probably important to bear in mind that results will vary dependent on the material the carpet or rug is made from, so check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Value for money:


Retailing at (£299.99), it’s appropriately priced when you compare it to similar equipment on the market. Bearing in mind how easy it is to use, and how great the results were, we’d certainly say this product was worth the investment, however it is possible to rent similar appliances if you’re on a budget.



As appliances go it is sleek and modern looking, considering the bulk usually associated with similar machines. It’s more compact than its industrial counterparts, which makes it suitable for a domestic setting. It lends itself well to home use, though perhaps future models could incorporate a functionality to help getting into hard-to-reach areas as well as carrying it up stairs.

Conclusion: 8 out of 10

We loved the results from using this product, and found it easy to set up, use and store in the home. The only downside was the noise, which admittedly is almost unavoidable when using a motorised appliance, however we do need to take the emotional wellbeing of our animals into account (even if Ben says his great big Newfie, can be a bit of a wuss at times!). See video below for Woody the Newfie’s reaction to the Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution!


If our review doesn’t already make you want to clean your carpets, have a look at the survey results Bissell provided us with regarding carpet hygiene. Yuck!

Bissell_What Lies Beneath_UK_A4


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