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Product Review: K9 Connectables

We recently received some K9 Connectables goodies, ready for us to try out and review! The K9 Connectables are a range of shapes and colours which connect together in order to provide mental enrichment and exercise. There are currently three different pieces for the Connectables, which are all able to slot into one another to create entertainment for your pooch. These are The Dentist, The Original and The Tech Bone.


A dog sits with the K9 Connectables toy ready to review


These can be filled with goodies, whether it’s a handful of treats or a scoop of peanut butter, and you’re guaranteed to have a happy dog. So, Marvel, one of our in house product testers, was more than happy to try it out for our review. He’s a typical border collie: hyperactive, happy, and always looking for something new to keep him entertained. Let’s see how he got on!

 A graphic of the product rating after the review

Pet Score: 5/5



We started off with a game of fetch. Marvel loved it! You can build the Connectables so that they’re all together (into any shape) and throw it. They provide safe fetch, whether you throw the Tech Bone, or The Original as a ball. They’re much safer than sticks! Marvel then enjoyed coming home to his treat filled K9 Connectables puzzle, and was entertained for a good chunk of an hour while he figured it all out.


Ease of Use: 5/5



The Connectables are so simple to use! Build them and fill them, or load up the launcher and throw them. The K9 Connectables are durable, easy to build, and fun. So, we think they tick all of the boxes for a dog’s toy.


Effectiveness: 5/5



Marvel is coming up to 3 years and he is a hyperactive dog, as is expected with a collie. So, when we found out that The Original K9 Connectables are able to fit into a ball launcher we knew he’d love them!  Whether you use them for a game of fetch or at home as a treat you will have a happy dog.

Value for Money: 4/5



With there being 3 different pieces available for the K9 Connectables, if you were looking to purchase all of them this would cost around £34.46. This would give you 5 pieces all together, ready to slot into the different combinations. Considering you’re getting a treat dispenser, a puzzle, and the ability of safe fetch, we think it’s a good deal.

Design: 4/5



We love the design, and so does Marvel. The design plays a big part in the practicality of the toys, and there’s plenty of colours to choose from too, so you can pick your dog’s favourite.



We (especially Marvel) love the K9 Connectables. We love that they can go from the living room carpet, to the closest park, or to the local river! They’re so versatile they can do almost anything. They’re such innovative toys, with different levels of difficulty depending on your pet. The best thing about them is that you’re able to freeze them, which makes them perfect for summer. If we ever get summer, that is! Regardless of the season, we’re sure these will be Marvel’s new go-to toys. They’re also super easy to wash; you can just pop them in the dishwasher and they’re ready for another day of fun, games and treats. We love our K9 Connectables!

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