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Top 10 Pet Videos of 2015

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The reason we love our pets so much is they have such quirky personalities! They’re always getting up to mischief, being a bit silly or impressing us with just how smart they really are. It’s no wonder that many a coffee break at work is spent watching pet videos on YouTube!

There’s no need to trawl the internet to find the best pet videos of 2015 – we’ve listed them all right here. Check out our top picks; we bet a few are new to you!

  • Josie reacts to ‘Dog confused by squeaky toy’

It looks like dogs like watching funny pet videos just as much as us! Josie the golden retriever’s owner decided to show her a YouTube video on her laptop, which shows a dog getting confused by a squeaky toy it cannot move. She becomes captivated by the video and attempts to play with the puppy on the screen!

  • Buck vs hiccups

We all know that getting hiccups can be really annoying, but they’re even more frustrating when you don’t know what they are! In this Facebook video, Buck the puppy doesn’t understand where his cute, squeaky hiccups are coming from and so attempts to scare them off by barking at them.  It’s just too adorable!

Watch the video here

  • Zack the golden retriever and the ice cream man

Now usually, it’s kids that get excited when they hear the ice cream van, but in this video, the family dog is most ecstatic about the prospect of frozen goods. Zack the golden retriever is obviously very well trained, as he goes to get the ice cream himself! He takes a plastic box full of change up to the van and barks to let the driver know he’s on his way over, before presenting the money to the ice cream man. He then waits very patiently for the change to be replaced with a small tub of ice cream – now that’s a polite dog!

While human ice cream isn’t a healthy treat for dogs, his owner Jon assures fellow YouTubers that Zack has an otherwise very good diet and gets plenty of exercise.

  • Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat

Cats have very little disregard for ownership – if they can sit in it, it’s fair game, as far as they’re concerned. Pixel, a ten week old French Bulldog puppy, just wants his bed back, but the cat just isn’t listening to his demands. Even when Pixel starts dragging the bed around the room, the cat simply sits, watches and even lies down as one point.

Sorry buddy, you’re not getting it back anytime soon.

  • Cockatoo loves Elvis

As we all know, birds love music, and Ollie the cockatoo is no exception. In this video, he really loves to show off his dance moves (and feathers) as soon as his owner starts playing guitar and singing a classic Elvis song. This is all much to the dismay of his lady friend, who gradually backs away from Ollie, whilst holding her claw up as if to say ‘back off!’.

We bet The King would have loved his tail-feather shaking.

  • Epic cat door fail

This poor cat owner spent a whole hour and a half fitting his backdoor with a cat flap, only to discover that Philo is perfectly capable of using the door handle to let himself in. Philo is completely unimpressed by his owner’s efforts, but at least he got a funny video out of it.

  • Soccer cockatoo

Nobody likes a show off, unless that show off happens to be really cute! This cockatoo is definitely a sweetie, and, just like most footballers, they love to celebrate after scoring a goal. The bird is very enthusiastic about their skills, and promptly starts dancing and jumping around in glee. It just goes to show how smart and fun these pets are.

  • Baby tortoise eating a bean sprout

Normally, tortoises’ movements are pretty slow. However, Terry, the 14-month-old Horsefield tortoise, shows that his kind can move fast when there’s tasty food up for grabs! This is the first time he’s ever tried a bean sprout and he loves it so much he drags himself across the surface to get some more!

  • Dexter the rat hates broccoli

From one pet who loves their food to one that hates it. In this video, Dexter the rat is acting like a stubborn child who’s refusing to eat their vegetables. His owner is trying her hardest to give him a healthy snack, but every time she puts it in his bed, he throws it back out again! We don’t think he’s going to give in to the broccoli anytime soon.

  • Corgi puppy going down stairs

Going down the stairs can seem like a daunting task for a puppy that’s not used to them, especially if that puppy is a nine-week-old Corgi with very short legs! After just two steps Peanut Butter gives up on an attempt to reach the bottom safely, so his owner kindly decides to stop the training session for now. We dare you to watch this corgi’s epic struggle without saying ‘aww’.

Did we miss any of your favourite pet videos from 2015? If so, share them with us in the comments!

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