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Dog theft prevention

Everything you need to know to help protect your dog from theft and stay safe while out and about, keep both cats and dogs safe at home, and maximise the chances of their safe return should the worst happen.

Statistics from the Pet Theft Reform suggest that dog theft is on the rise year after year, with over 1,504 dogs reported stolen in 2020.

And it’s not only dogs that have been targets of this heartbreaking crime, cats have also been reported stolen, taken from their owner’s home. Our pets play such a huge part in our lives and having them taken from you is an unbearable thought.

Luckily, there are steps we can take to beat the thieves.

Here at Animal Friends, as pet owners ourselves we want to help you keep your dog and cat safe by providing preventative advice through articles and blogs to ensure no one has to experience the heartbreak of having their pet stolen.

How do I prevent my dog or cat being stolen?

Read our advice on all things pet theft, from tips around home security, dog walk safety and social media precautions.

Smartphone apps and features to keep you safe on dog walks

Familiarise yourself with the apps and phone functionality that can help in the event your dog is stolen.

Good home security deters dog thieves

Understand how different types of cameras can help secure your home and safeguard against pet theft.

Prevent dog theft security collars, id tags and long leads

Learn how the correct equipment can help prevent your dog from being taken, or assist their safe return.

Dos and don'ts of sharing info if your pet is stolen

Maximise the chances of recovering your dog via social media, without revealing sensitive information to criminals.

How to improve your dog’s recall training

Top tips, advice and a step-by-step guide to improving your dog’s recall.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust dog theft campaign

Helping raise awareness of the preventative steps pet owners can take to keep themselves and their cats or dogs safe – at home and when venturing out.