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COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle review

Product summary

COTOP Portable Water Bottle is a great hydrating tool for your dog when you’re out and about walking or travelling. It’s leakproof, BPA safe, and holds 330ml, making it a handy addition for your daily walks. The lock makes it safe and easy to use while reducing water waste if your dog doesn’t finish what was filled.

Its one-handed operation allows for quick and convenient use, offering your dog fresh water whenever and wherever they need it.

 Price: £11.99 – £18.85 Not including P&P

Ease of use




Our rating


Easy to use
Easy to clean
Sleek design and nice colours
Leakproof lock
Good sized drinking cup
Clip provided to attach to your bag
Slow to dispense water
Button a little stiff to press
No lid so could get dirty
Holds a small amount of water

What we like about the product

When out and about, I usually try and share my water with my dog by pouring the water into my hand or her mouth which ends up wasting a lot of water as she drinks. The COTOP bottle helps prevent water wastage and provides your dog with their own compact bowl without having to carry anything extra!

We like that you can drain the excess water back to the bottle after the dog finished drinking to avoid wastage.
Not only does it work well, but it also looks really cool and comes in a range of nice pastel colours.

What we don’t like about the product

You have to press and hold the button and the water dispenses into the bowl section of the bottle, but I found that this was quite fiddly to do as you had to press down hard to get the water to dispense.

We did find that once the water started to fill the bowl it was a little slow and a bigger hole to drain the excess water a bit quicker would be better. It’s small and only holds 330ml so this wouldn’t work for a longer walk or bigger dogs. If your pooch is active whilst out on a day hike like Lilly, they would need a lot more water than 330ml so they would start to pinch your supply if there were no rivers or streams available.

So, this is perfect for a shorter walk with a smaller dog or on a cool cloudy day when it’s not so hot out.

The final verdict

Great water bottle, easy to use and practical as it’s so lightweight. We would recommend this as a great bottle for small dogs on their routine walks but it certainly won’t be enough for a Labrador or Great Dane!


Lilly is an 8-year-old Maltese x Shih Tzu with a big personality. She is well-loved around Salisbury and is also known as the Animal Friends Marketing office dog. Her little paws have travelled hundreds of miles around the country from hiking to the top of Snowdon, to Pen y Fan and through the lakes down to the Dorset coastline, she loves adventures and lots of attention.

Her favourite thing is playing with her Kong treat ball to get her sausage treats out. She looks forward to this at 7 pm every night. And if you don’t have any sausages, she will just chuck the toy in front of you demanding playtime.