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Nina Ottosson’s Dog Brick Puzzle review

Nina Ottosson’s Dog Brick puzzle offers your dog stimulation through different sliders and shutters – easy to open flip compartments and removable bone pieces that your dog needs to move with its nose, tongue or paws.

The aim of the game is for your dog to find all of the yummy treats hidden beneath the flaps and under the moving pieces. The toy’s different lanes and flaps hide 20 different treat compartments that can provide different levels of difficulty, depending on your dog’s experience.

Nina Ottosson gives this game their “Level 2” rating – it can take time for some dogs to get used to a toy like this, while others are naturals in figuring it all out.

Price: £14-£28. Not including P&P

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Holds treats and dry or wet food
Easy to clean
Makes an interesting challenge
Entertains dogs
Can be chewed easily
The red lids can snap off
Too easy for some dogs
Can be thrown by dogs

What we like about the product

While a dog could easily flip it with their paws, ours haven’t quite figured that out just yet, so it’s a good way of keeping them entertained for a decent amount of time. We like that the combination of actions needed by your dog to retrieve the treats can make it a rewarding game for them, giving them a sense of pride when complete.

It’s a game that you can play together as you teach your dog how to tackle the sliding blocks and tricky flaps, helping you strengthen the bond between you. We know how dog saliva, kibble and wet food can create a mess, but The Dog Brick is easy to clean and can even be popped into a dishwasher.

What we don’t like about the product

It’s a game suitable for all breeds but it’s a little lighter than the wooden alternatives – as it’s a plastic toy, its quality does not seem as good as the other puzzles offered by Nina Ottosson and the material shows teeth marks quite easily. We could see it getting destroyed quite easily by more powerful chewers and it must be used under supervision or it could end in disaster!

The final verdict

Marvel and Harley enjoy this puzzle, while it was a little tricky to start with, they were both pros in no time. The Dog Brick makes a great boredom buster that provides your dog with a chance to grow through interaction with you or other members of the family. The toy’s construction could be improved by the use of a sturdier material but we have managed to avoid any bite marks, so far.

Harley and Marvel

Marvel is a 6-year-old collie, always closely followed by his shadow, Harley, who is two. They’re two completely different dogs, Marvey Moo is a wise pooch while Harley Quinn is the clumsy one but they both keep us entertained! They love long walks on the beach, playing fetch and cuddles on the sofa.