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PitPat Dog Activity Monitor Product Review

The PitPat is a smart device for your dog which gives you an easy way to keep track of your dog’s activity levels, manage their weight and have fun along the way.  A PitPat tracker could be particularly useful if you rely on a dog walker throughout the day as it enables you to see your pup’s daily activity.

Ease of use




Our rating


Quality product
Easy to attach
The app was easy to download and use
The app can be used across multiple devices
It’s lightweight
Inaccurate recordings
Not clear on what to do with tracking data
Not compatible with all devices
Have to manually sync data

What we like about the product

With a puppy, it is important that they’re provided with the right amount of exercise, not too much and not too little. This can be hard to manage as they have endless amounts of energy. We thought the PitPat could be the perfect way to monitor our walks and the time and distance she was travelling each day.

The device is a good size and fits easily to her collar with a simple but effective strip. The app used to connect the PitPat to your phone was simple and easy to register and use. Once attached to your dog it began recording data immediately and was able to be left on them throughout the day.

What we don’t like about the product

The major downfall of this product for us was that it records all of the dog’s movement and was unable to record walks separately. The target set by the device was 25 minutes of walking a day (the kennel club recommends 2x 25 minutes a day), but the app includes all movement around the house and the date is combined with what they achieve on walks.

By the end of a day it told us that Indie had done 285 minutes of exercise a day, well over her recommended target. Therefore, sadly,  this product hasn’t, therefore, helped us to keep track of the walks we are taking her on.

To retrieve the information from the device you have to open the app and then press the button on the device. Every time we have done this the app has glitched and shut itself down. The data is then available once you reopen the app.

The final verdict

Although this device was easy to use, the main purpose of it for us was not met and therefore we felt there was not something we see a huge need for.

Indie is a 5-month-old show Cocker Spaniel. She is loving completing her Kennel Club training and particularly enjoys her Hoopers class where she learns the ropes ready for agility when she is older. Indie loves a fuss and will lie for hours for a belly rub. She spends her days at ‘work’ or at school where she is hoping to become a reading dog for the children.

We love taking Indie out exploring. She loves finding hidden tracks in the woods and swimming in the sea and rivers. She loves stopping for a doggie ice cream in Wareham and fetching sticks in Moreton Ford.