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Pet advice
Pet advice
Pet advice

Horse advice

Horses and ponies come in different shapes and sizes, that’s why we offer information, support and advice so that owners and riders can take the very best care of their animals.

From general horse health information, tips on feeding, support for owners or those who are thinking of buying an equine we want to help you keep your animal happy and healthy.

How to prevent your horse from spooking

A guide on ways to ensure your horse doesn’t get spooked.

How to introduce a new horse to the herd

Discover the different methods to safely introduce a new horse to the existing pecking order.

Caring for your Horse over winter

Discover ways to keep your equine happy, healthy and safe during the winter months.

The Fight Against the Horse’s Worst Enemy: The Fly

Read our top tips on ways to protect your horse from flies.

Horse senses

Learn more about the five senses horses use to interpret the world around them.

Why does my horse chew wood?

Find out why your horse might be chewing wood or has developed windsucking habits.

The need for a suitable environment

Discover the different ways to keep your horse and how to meet their needs.

Routine care for horses and ponies

Learn about a horse or pony’s health and care routine, from dental care to worming treatment.

Keeping your horse healthy this winter

Discover ways to keep your horse healthy during the cold winter months.

Top 10 tips on keeping horses cool in the summer

Read our top tips on keeping your horse cool and safe during hot weather.

Why do horses buck?

Discover why your horse might buck and what you can do to stop the behaviour.

Colic in horses – all you need to know

Discover the causes, treatment and prevention of colic in horses.

Equine flu and what to look out for

Learn about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of equine flu.

Horse Excercise

How much and how often to exercise a horse, with tips to keep them healthy and safe

Horse nutrition

Discover how to tailor your horse’s feed to keep them healthy and in tip-top shape

Laminitis in horses

Learn how Laminitis affects horses hooves; the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of this painful condition.

Compulsory microchipping in horses

If you are a horse owner in England, it is now mandatory to get your horse microchipped.

First Aid Tips for Horses

Learn the basics of horse first aid and what you should include in your first aid kit

How to Prevent Your Horse Becoming Overweight

See why horses’ can become overweight and why it is important to manage their weight

How do Horses Sleep?

Learn about horses’ sleeping patterns, behaviour and duration, and what external factors can affect these

How to Take Care of Your Horse in Hot Weather

Discover how you can keep your horse safe in the warmer months and why it is important

Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse

Discover what foods are dangerous to horses’ and why you should avoid them

Do Horses Have Food Allergies?

Learn about the different food allergies in horses’, the symptoms and how to manage these allergies

Coughing in Horses

Discover what health problems and external factors could cause a horse to cough.

Managing Your Horse’s Weight

Discover the steps you can take to manage your horses’ weight and understand why it is important

Buying a Horse or Pony

We look at the four main points to consider if you are thinking about buying a horse or pony.


With nearly a million horses in the UK and 1.8 million regular riders, our advice will help owners take care of their owners and keep riders as safe as possible.

Owning or riding an equine is wonderful, but it’s also a long-term commitment which doesn’t come without responsibilities and hard work.

By offering horse and rider insurance policies to protect your equine and providing advice, tips and information, we can help you ensure that your horse leads a long, healthy and happy life.